MONTEZUMA, COSTA RICA -- Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

A "Wow" Ocean view, Tranquility, Ocean breezes, Tropical Nature
and Home-style Comforts

La Colina de Carolina (Carol’s Hilltop) sits on 2 1/2 acres of ocean view hilltop. The best thing about La Colina de Carolina is the ocean view, no doubt. Look one direction and see the vast blue Pacific. Look the other way and see the cliffs and surf…one side of Bahia Ballena (Tambor Bay). Combine this with the hilltop breeze we have almost all the time, and it is really something special !!!

  La Colina is a newly built cabin/house. It is constructed of pressure treated pine and built on posts sunk well into the ground so as not to disturb the hilltop with big equipment. All of La Colina fits in and works with the ground, trees, water, and sun….our solar hot water for the whole house, for example. Going forward are only solar lights and more !

La Colina de Carolina (LCC) offers 1 BR, 1.5 BA, sleeping up to 4 people. It’s ideal for a couple get-away or a small family/group vacation. Sitting out on the deck is peaceful and relaxing, especially in the rocker, looking out over the ocean, the trees and the flowers. The grand mesa…large table with 2 benches…is made from a downed Pachote tree, one of Costa Rica’s finest building woods. This big fine table is great for having food or drinks, sitting, reading, conversing and more. You can always hear the surf at night and most days. You will spend most of your time here… watching, listening and feeling all the vast fresh nature around you.  

  A path called “The Loop” winds around the property. The young fruit tree orchard, caretaker’s casita and “smoking lounge” are all here. The “smoking lounge” has a teak bench along the walkway to look at stars or just step away from the house. LCC is a non-smoking house.

LCC has big sky! Wyoming or Montana got nothing’ on this sky! The stars are bright and constellations clear. Use the “Night Sky Interactive Sky Watcher’s Guide” to learn more. A full moon is really something at La Colina.  

  La Colina de Carolina has 1 BR plus a firm, comfortable sofa easily folding down to a double bed. LCC has a full BA plus another half BA. LCC has a full kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, micro oven, toaster oven, crock pot and coffee maker. LCC even has a washer AND dryer. The dryer is a must in the rainy season. The fresh air clothesline is convenient to the washer, also. We have an LCD TV with DVD player and CD player. For stays longer than a week, we include weekly housekeeping service!

We have solar hot water for the entire house. It is an innovative system requiring no electricity, just water pressure. Hot water in Costa Rican homes is not common. We also have a water reservoir tank with an electric pump, for when the municipal water slows down….in high season, this can be frequent.  

  All windows and doors at LCC are glass with screens…which you cannot take for granted in Costa Rica. There is rarely a moment without a breeze up here on the hill. Longer than normal roof overhangs protects the deck well from rain and keep it shaded and the main house. As theft is our biggest problem in Costa Rica, LCC is very secure. Security bars on the windows are very artful. Secure doors are present for leaving the house. A small safe is provided for secure keeping. The caretaker/manager’s casita is on the Loop, below the house, discretely located for security and privacy.
La Colina de Carolina is conveniently located close to central Montezuma. Walk to the end of the driveway for the main road and bus route. With or without a car, it’s very easy to get around. It’s a 1 km (.62 mi) walk downhill to Montezuma central and beaches … takes a little longer to walk up.

La Colina de Carolina is a wonderful place to be. It’s peaceful and relaxing….yet invigorating in many ways. The ocean has great power. Yet more closer to you at the house, you are surrounded with green landscaping, tropical flowers, birds, butterflies and more. The flocks of raucous parrots are a treat to see and to hear. You will hear the Howler monkeys and probably see some. The White Face monkeys can be seen. You might see an Agouti or Pizote.

If you are coming to Costa Rica, staying at La Colina de Carolina in Montezuma can be a great part of your experience.